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123, (2015) was an ensemble performance set in Santa Fe Archdiocese’s St Francis Elementary School Gymnasium. As a tapestry of solos, duets, and trios the evening-length dance deciphered the socially abstract themes of self, community, and habitat through movement. Individually choreographed sections were braided, resulting in a series of intimate realities set in a larger landscape of humanity. At once animal and pedestrian, wild and urban, 123 imagined the wondrous possibilities of an after hours gymnasium.

How can we use collaboration as a container for intentional community and arts practice?

  • CHOREOGRAPHY & PERFORMANCE by Brittany Delany, Adam McKinney, Micaela Gardner, Sophia Rog, Spencer Toll, Sarah Ashkin, Miles Tokunow, and Ehren Natay

  • LIGHTING by Gary Ashkin

  • CREATED for/with New Mexico School for the Arts

123 collaborator bios 

MICAELA GARDNER is a dancer, choreographer and native of the Southwest. Her focus has been solo live works, solo dance film and site dance. Her work is described as combining the expressionistic tradition of Ausdruckstanz, (German Expressionist Dance), with contemporary urban & modern dance - focused in form, story & musicality. She co-directed The Temescal Arts Center in Oakland for more than ten years, has been invited as guest artist to Middlebury College and Colgate University, and directed and performed in the dance films West Oakland Three and Dances Landward. Micaela is also an accomplished painter.

EHREN NATAY ​is a multi-media artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico and is a recognized member of the Navajo Nation. Ehren has toured and performed in venues across the US, playing drums for various groups in multiple genres. His work as an artist — silver-smithing, polychrome-pottery and 3D fabrication — has been collected by New Mexico Heritage Museums and at the Indian Arts Research Center.  His exhibitions span internationally, through galleries, museums, public installations, and site-specific theatrical performances. His current work further infuses his musical craft with visual aesthetics via live-performance.  He continues to impact the youth as an arts educator in New Mexico public schools and among Native American communities across the nation. He has worked with GROUND SERIES since 2013.

SOPHIA ROG is a Dance Artist and Licensed Massage Therapist based in Santa Fe NM. She has studied with Nancy Stark Smith, Martin Keogh, Jane Hawley, and with the intelligence and direction of her own inquiring body-mind. She is certified in Movement Fundamentals: Liberating Practices for Dance in Life and Art, graduated from New Mexico Academy for the Healing Arts, and is a collaborating and performing member of GROUND SERIES dance collective. She is delighted to exist as a moving body in this moving earth.

SPENCER TOLL is a native of Santa Fe, where he kindled a love for dance starting at the age of eight. He went on to receive a BFA in dance from the University of Arizona and spent the following two years performing with two contemporary dance companies—first with John J Zullo/Raw Movement in New York and second with Ate9 dANCEcOMPANY in Los Angeles. Spencer is an accomplished  DJ and composer of electronic music with his music project Spoolius.

123 partners 

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