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GROUND SERIES offers a wide variety of educational programming which practice a body-based social justice approach to interdisciplinary learning. 



GROUND SERIES develops tailor-made educational programming linked to each of our performances. We offer lectures, embodied workshops, and facilitated post-performance conversations which further explore the environmental and social justice issues raised in each work. 



GROUND SERIES members are skilled and dynamic teaching artists.  Our pedagogical approach works to:

1) Assist each student in cultivating the expressive powers of their dancing body through culturally sustaining curriculum and teaching methods.

2) Foster critical thinking skills in relationship to one’s own dancing body, as well as the relationship between movement practices and culture, and dance and choreographic politics.

3) Offer dance practices as forms of personal and communal awareness building, political resistance, and healing.

These values infuse lecture/demonstrations, workshops, or course offerings such as:

● Conceptual and Embodied Experiments in Composition

● Improvisation with Voice, Movement, and Touch

● Whiteness and Dance

● Afro Pessimism and Dance 

● Politics of Site

● Inquiry Based Choreography

● Social Practice and Performance

● Radical Somatics

● Release Technique

● Arts Administration

● Social Mapping for Artists

● Auto-Ethnography and Geneology as Anti-Racist Arts Practice



Practice Progress: Addressing White Supremacy through Body Based Learning and Consulting

Practice Progress is an anti-racist facilitation organization addressing white supremacy through experiential body-based learning. Led by GROUND SERIES’ Sarah Ashkin and Kai Hazelwood, Artistic Director of the Good Trouble Makers, Practice Progress sessions often accompany GROUND SERIES performance residencies as pointed anti-racist learning opportunities for our audiences.

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