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Blessing (2012) was choreographed and danced by Brittany Delany at the GROUND SERIES Summer Performance 2012. In her piece and with an intention of peace, Brittany used ritual performance to connect and honor the dead lost to the Iraq War.

How can I empathize with people suffering from loss and death in a war zone?

  • CHOREOGRAPHY & PERFORMANCE by Brittany Delany 

  • COSTUME DESIGN by Benito Steen

  • MUSIC is FRC 2008 by Hallucid & Harken

  • PRESENTED by Temescal Arts Center, Oakland, CA Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA

  • PHOTO/VIDEO by Lucas Guilkey

blessing collaborator bios 

BENITO STEEN (Santa Clara Pueblo)  is a builder, artist and educator. He gravitated early on towards the trades and arts such as plastering, blacksmithing and woodworking. Always learning and experimenting, he mixes old techniques with the new, to create beautifully sustainable and healthy houses, inventive sets and costumes, and crafted films.

blessing partners 

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