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Echosense (2019) 

premiered at Grace Cathedral in consortium with over 300 performers representing the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Audience members viewed the GROUND SERIES duet at the festival's station behind the Main Altar. 


Choreographed by Brittany Delany in partnership with musician Rob Cheifetz, the performance was inspired by the dramatic architecture and sacredness of the site through a collaborative collision of improvised movement and saxophone.

What is the connection between improvisation and the sacred?

  • CHOREOGRAPHY by Brittany Delany

  • MUSIC by Rib Cheifetz

  • PERFORMANCE by Brittany Delany and Rob Cheifetz

  • COSTUME DESIGN by Brittany Delany and Rob Cheifetz

  • CREATED for/with Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA

echosense collaborator bios 

ROB CHEIFETZ is a native Oakland musician and educator most often found honking afrobeat, teaching K-12 musical theater at Tomorrow Youth Repertory, and bringing an orchestra to Burning Man with Art Haus. He is currently pursuing a masters in Music Therapy from University of the Pacific.

echosense partners 

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