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Stages of Tectonic Blackness is a collaborative performance project by Nikesha Breeze, Lazarus Nance Letcher, and GROUND SERIES member Miles Tokunow; it tarries with the parrelled processes of dehumanization and extraction, emergence and rebellion, as sustained by Black bodies and rock bodies.


Works that Inspired Stages of Tectonic Blackness-

  1. A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None, Kathyrn Yusuff

  2. Demonic Grounds, Katherine McKittrick

  3. The Undercommons, Stefano Harney & Fred Moten

  4. black nature, ed. Camille T. Dungy

  5. In The Wake, Christina Sharpe

  6. The Blue Clerk, Dionne Brand


Works that Appear in Stages of Tectonic Blackness-

  1. Maboula Soumahoro , Christina Sharpe & Francoise Verges,  Part of The Sojourner Project - Dialogues on Black Precarity, Fungibility, and Futurity,

  2. Black Quantum Futurism, Mother Moor + Rasheedah Phillips, The Gray Area Festival 2017,

  3. Sorryyoufeeluncomfortable/Imani Robinson, The Black Drift,

  4. Melissa Crosby, Black Reconstruction in Our Times, part 1: Land,

  5. Katherine Mckittrick, On Algorithms and Curiosities,

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