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Stages of Tectonic Blackness is a collaborative performance project by Nikesha Breeze, Lazarus Nance Letcher, and GROUND SERIES member Miles Tokunow; it tarries with the parrelled processes of dehumanization and extraction, emergence and rebellion, as sustained by Black bodies and rock bodies.

 living land acknowledgement

Below are a few organizations whose work we admire and to whom we wish to be accountable. Below are four Indigenous-led organizations that do incredible multi-faceted work, the links listed will take you to these groups' efforts for environmental justice in the Southwest. This is a piece exploring many things - including the nuclear industrial complex - we believe that we must always center Indigenous efforts in our fight for environmental justice and combating the nuclear beast. Throughout the performance, you may hear the clicking sound of a Geiger counter (lent solely for performance purposes by the Radiation Monitoring Project ) in an effort to make audible or visible in the invisible presence of radiation on this stolen land.


Pueblo Action Alliance is a community driven organization that promotes cultural sustainability and community defense by addressing environmental and social impacts in Indigenous communities. As the descendents of Pueblo revolutionaries, the Alliance carries the revolutionary spirit of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt, claiming the right to Indigenous self-determination & sovereignty and the ability to create communities and economies that meet the needs of Pueblo people. Pueblo Action Alliance cultivates ancestral wisdom to evolve modern organizing strategies and tactics to protect cultural integrity. They embody Pueblo-centric grassroots organizing to mobilize people on the issues that matter most. PAA views Indigenous solutions as a means to dismantle and eradicate white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy and extractive colonialism. The liberation of Indigenous peoples is the liberation for all. Check out PAA's campaign to Protect Greater Chaco  which aims to protect public land from drilling and fracking. 



Tewa Women United envisions movement(s) rooted in P’in Haa (Breath of Heart/Life) and P’in Nall (Touching Heart and Spirit) that nurture and celebrate the collective power of beloved families, communities, and Nung Ochuu Quiyo (Earth Mother). Support Tewa Women United's Environmental Health and Justice Program



The Radiation Monitoring Project (RMP) is organized in part by Diné NO NUKES. The program aims to put radiation monitors into the hands of front-line communities affected by ionizing radiation and to provide professional training to accurately collect radiation readings in areas of concern. We invite you to participate in The Radiation Monitoring Project



The Red Nation is dedicated to the liberation of Native peoples from capitalism and colonialism. They center Native political agendas and struggles through direct action, advocacy, mobilization, and education. Learn more about their initiative The Red Deal: Indigenous Action to Save our Earth and listen to the podcast



Sandia Pueblo Tribal Website

Pueblo COVID Relief

Geology of the Sandia Mountains 

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