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Blog Journal: Free the Body

Peter DiGennaro

Sound Artist/Human Rights Educator

I am flattered, thrilled, and excited to be asked to share work with you in this way. While the forum of the blog is often contested, I can’t conceive of a more poignant public addition and personal reference and reflection modality into the poignant matter and production that the Free the Body project represents. This ongoing, weekly blog is intended, for both the reader and the writer, as a shared record of exploration into the tenets, interrogations, investigations, experimentations, production processes, and related significances incited by the Free the Body project. Perhaps, most importantly, these rhizomatic questions and quandaries – the germination of which, itself, in this artist’s opinion, naturally appear, and must exist, as a major tenet of the Free the Body project – may instill, embody, and/or awaken the witness-participant’s (Sontag) similar or new and distinct experiences and compassionate questionings. While the subject matter content of this blog may not appear, at times, in a logical, linear fashion, rest assured that best intentions and efforts are practiced behind and in front of the scenes to convey propriety, process, production, and critical appraisal. Through the research practices of sound art, writing, movement, visual art, empathic witness, and (to loosely, but intentionally, borrow from Hegel) a phenomenology of the spirit (yes, we’ll explore dialectic as we go!), I hope to travel this journey together with you to the heart of September workshops, our November presentation at a Peace Building conference in Germany and, ultimately, the January 2023 installation at the Coachella Valley Art Center in Indio, CA, and beyond. Thank you, in advance, for your curiosity, questions, and answers.

Now, as always, let’s begin again.


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